Entertainment at Mosa Trajectum/Altaona

The bar " Meiden van de Hoek " at Mosa Trajectum organize all the entertainment at the resort.

The bar is open 7 days a week! ( Facebook page ' Meiden van de Hoek ' )

Mon-Fri from 4pm until late

Sat-Sun from 2pm until late

Hot summer times from 6pm until very late!

The bar organize: Live music, Karaoke, Quiz nights, Bingo, Fayres, Flamenco and lots more.

There is also a play area for children with a ping pong table, football table, biljart table, 2 goalies and darts.

They also provide the Dutch snacks like: Frikandel, Kroket, Bitterballen, Chicken nuggets, Hamburger, Chips and more.


From October until June they organize Sunday morning walks to the mountains and explore the great nature around Mosa Trajectum.


The tennis court is still open, its free to play.