About Mosa Trajectum/Altaona

Sunday morning walk

Mosa Trajectum/Altaona has recently reopened the first 9 holes pine course, driving range, practice area and a clubhouse under the name " Altaona Golf & Country Village "

If you're interested in more golf ( 18 holes ), there are plenty of golf courses in the area.

The nearest golf course ( 18 holes ) is only 1,2 km away.

Because Mosa Trajectum/Altaona is situated in a natural environment there are lots of activities possible to do in the natural area like horse riding, biking and hiking.

24 hour security

Entrance Mosa Trajectum

Mosa from above

Cosy bar

The bar with large terrace

Facilities at Mosa Trajectum/Altaona

Bar with large terrace at Mosa Trajectum/Altaona

Mosa Trajectum/Altaona have a little cosy bar ( a wooden shed ) for cold drinks and they offer snacks like: chips, chicken nuggets, krokets, hamburgers etc etc. Plus entertainment.

A Golf course ( 9 holes ) driving range, practice area and a clubhouse for drinks and food.

A tennis and peddle court ( free to use )

At the entrance there is a petrol station within walking distance, which provides fresh baquettes/bread every morning.

The nearest restaurant is across the road, nearest supermarket only 10 min drive.

A car is recommended!

If you want a quiet and relaxing holiday Mosa Trajectum/Altaona is the ideal place to be!



Bus schedules Mosa Trajectum/Altaona towards Murcia city

Bus stop just outside the entrance of Mosa Trajectum/Altaona

 Monday - Friday     Saturday - Sunday

           7:25                           7:59

           7:59                          13:59

          13:59                         21:59



Sometimes the bus comes 5 min earlier or later! Bus ticket to Murcia +/- € 1,80